“I’m writing to acknowledge a job well done by your driver Travis.
For context, we’ve had many deliveries at our home this spring from Amazon to concrete. In most cases the individual drops off materials and leaves.
Sometimes he/she is efficient, sometimes the experience is lacking.
Travis represented Fastway in a professional and courteous manner. He was personable on the phone when he called to establish a delivery time. He was prompt and willing to help me
put the pallets in a place where I could access them easily. I appreciated his customer service and his ability to carry on a thoughtful conversation.
After some of my previous experiences, it was really positive to work with Travis this morning. Sometimes the art of customer service or even just being a decent human being gets lost. Our interaction compelled me to write to you.
Thank you for getting my product delivered today. My experience was positive and I wanted to credit Travis with a job well done.
It’s encouraging that a Spokane business is working to acknowledge good customer service. I will be a positive voice for Fastway in the future.”

-Tim B.